Licensed and Bonded

About Us

Pronto Refinish Team

Pronto Refinish is a fully licensed and insured company providing guaranteed reglazing, resurfacing and refinishing services for bathtubs, showers, sinks, ceramic tile and countertops. We put all of our factory-certified expert technicians through a rigorous in-house training program and use only the best materials available on the market. This commitment to excellence is what allows us to stand confident in the quality of our work and offer a written warranty on most services. (See Warranty Details.) For your convenience, we offer bilingual staff that speaks English and Spanish.

Areas We Service

Pronto Refinish provides service to areas throughout Los Angeles and Orange County (we’re always looking for new places to service) so if your location isn’t listed below please contact us so we can assist you… PRONTO!

Warranty Details

Work completed by Pronto Refinish is guaranteed against cracking or peeling for two years from the date of completion for home owners and for one year for rental properties. If the work requires a touch-up and the conditions of the warranty have not been violated, all work and material will be supplied at no cost to you.

Actions that Void the Warranty

  • Use of suction-cup bathmats pillows, soap dishes, etc.
  • Use of Comet, Ajax, Kaboom or other abrasive cleaners, acids, toilet bowl cleaners or any product not designed specifically for bathroom fixture cleaning
  • Use of scrubbing sponges, steel wool, sandpaper or other gritty objects on the refinished surfaces
  • Use of the tub or sink less than 48 hours after the refinishing process was completed
  • Chipping or damaging the surface due to the use of tools, ladders or other heavy objects

When cleaning surfaces refinished by Pronto Refinish, please use non-abrasive cleaners such as Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol Tub & Tile, Mr. Clean Eraser or Dawn Dish Soap. This will protect your new finish and prevent the voiding of your warranty.