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Fiberglass Shower Stalls

Because fiberglass is so lightweight and inexpensive, it has become a very popular material for shower inserts. Unfortunately, the same qualities that make fiberglass appealing also make it vulnerable to rapid aging, cracks, and chips. The floor of the shower stall might crack if not properly supported, if your house shifts, or if you drop a heavy object on it. If your fiberglass shower stall has been damaged, don’t just cover it up with another shower insert! Instead, call Pronto Refinish to repair and revitalize your shower stall.

Let the pros from Pronto patch and repair your damaged fiberglass shower stall using our selection of superior refinishing products. We can give any shower stall a makeover by sanding down the existing finish and repainting the fiberglass core with a new, glossy finish in your choice of designer colors.