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27. September, 2013|Reglazing


Reglazing sinks, tile and tubs can transform a tired old bathroom into a selling point

As a real estate agent, you know that the kitchen and the bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in a home when it comes to making a good first impression on a potential buyer. Many buyers want to be able to imagine themselves at home in the property immediately, so it’s important to make the kitchen and bathroom look clean, fresh, appealing, and immediately useable. If you’re struggling to sell a home with some major kitchen and bathroom flaws, you may want to introduce your clients to the wonders of reglazing. Here are the key points to mention to your client.

Reglazing Solves a Variety of Problems

Reglazing solves functional and aesthetic problems with kitchens and bathrooms. It can cover up stains, scratches, cracks, and chips in tubs, sinks, and tile to create a smooth, like-new surface. It can also be used to transform old, outdated color schemes into something new and fresh. At Pronto Refinish we have dozens of designer colors to choose from in our collection of reglazing compounds.

Reglazing is Fast

Unlike a bathroom remodel, which can take days or even weeks, sink and/or tub reglazing takes just one day. All it takes is a visit from a team of professional reglazing technicians, which will take an hour or two, and then a few more hours for the newly reglazed fixtures to cure. This means your client can quickly upgrade a bathroom using reglazing without taking the home off the market or making it unshowable for an extended period of time.

Reglazing is Affordable

If your client is concerned about the cost of reglazing, you can assure them that it is minimal, especially compared to other options like ripping out the old fixtures and replacing them with new ones. For example, replacing an old bathtub can cost $4,000, while reglazing a tub will cost about $455.

Reglazing will Add Value to Your Home

Remind your client that if they don’t fix the problems in their kitchen or bathroom they will probably end up paying for it anyway, because the buyer will try to negotiate to get the cost of the remodel taken off the final price of the home. It’s much better to preempt this strategy by getting reglazing to correct any issues with sinks, tubs, and tile. The more appealing the home is, the more bids they will get and the better the selling price will be.