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20. July, 2013|Reglazing


Enamel kitchen sinks are fun and colorful, but they can start looking old fast if they become damaged. Whether your enamel sink is enamel on cast iron or enamel on steel, the pros at Pronto Refinish can restore it to its former glory through kitchen sink reglazing. Here are some examples of problems that can be addressed through kitchen sink reglazing.

Dirty or Dirty-Looking Sink

Your kitchen is definitely one of the places in your home that you really want to keep clean and sanitary. A scratched-up or cracked sink can harbor bacteria in the crevices, and may even start to become stained. The more scratches, stains, and other damage you have in your kitchen sink, the less clean it will seem. Even if you’ve just cleaned the sink, someone coming into your home could perceive it as dirty. By getting kitchen sink reglazing, you can get a smooth, clean, like-new surface for your sink.

Dated Sink Color

If the color of your old enamel kitchen sink just doesn’t mesh with your current vision for your home’s interior design, you don’t have to rip out Tillsammans med Bingo och Roulette sa ar spelautomater online online ett av de popularaste spelen over hela varlden, och du hittar det nu hos VikingSlots. the whole sink and get a new one. Instead, you can just change the color using kitchen sink reglazing. Pronto Refinish offers a number of designer reglazing compound colors that will pair nicely with modern kitchen designs.

Damaged Sink

While enamel sinks can withstand contact with hot pots and pans without damage, they are vulnerable to damage from dropping those pots or pans into the sink. If your sink is chipped or cracked because you dropped a heavy pot or other item into it, kitchen sink reglazing can help. Our skilled refinishing technicians can carefully fill in any chips or cracks and then cover them with layers of reglazing compound in order to repair the sink. You won’t even be able to tell the damage ever happened.

Get Kitchen Sink Reglazing Today

Kitchen sink reglazing is fast, easy, and convenient. We’ll take care to remove your faucets and mask off the area so that no reglazing compound gets on your faucets or your countertop. This will allow you to get a fresh new look for your sink without the mess and hassle of sink replacement, and without the expense of buying a whole new sink. It’s the perfect way to preserve an antique cast iron sink and maintain a vintage look in your kitchen. You can trust us to do an excellent refinishing job on your kitchen sink to allow you to enjoy it for many more years to come.