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30. September, 2013|Reglazing


Reglaze tubs, sinks and tile and eliminate a common source of negative customer reviews

In today’s digital age, hotel and motel properties increasingly rely on their online reputation to generate guest traffic. This is especially true of destination hotels, where guests have time, opportunity and desire to do lots of research beforehand to make sure they have an enjoyable stay. Cleanliness is often a big concern to guests, and properties that appear dirty tend to get bad reviews online. In order to prevent your hotel from racking up negative reviews for being dirty, old, or outdated, you need to invest in expert reglazing from Pronto Refinish. Here’s an overview of the process.

Identify Problem Areas

The first step is to identify the problem areas in your hotel or motel. For example, maybe your bathtubs have rust stains, your tile is cracked, or your sink is scratched and pitted. Any of these problems can make a bathroom look dirty even when it has been freshly cleaned. Fortunately, reglazing can cover up these flaws, creating a smooth, fresh, like-new surface that will look clean and appealing to guests.

Schedule the Work

Once you’ve identified which rooms and fixtures need reglazing, you can work with Pronto Refinish to set up a schedule for completing the work. You may want to wait until your off season to do the work, or you may be able to schedule it for a weekday where you normally have low occupancy rates anyway. If you have lots of rooms that need work, you can even have us come do just a few at a time so that you always have enough rooms free for guests at any given time. Remember that the reglazing compound will have to cure before a guest can use any refinished surfaces.

Welcome Pronto Refinish to Your Property

Once you’ve set up a schedule with us, all you have to do is direct us to the rooms that need work. The disruption to your business will be very minimal, especially compared to the noisy, dusty, and dirty alternative of ripping out and replacing the bathroom fixtures. Our professional techs will remove the sink and tub fixtures and mask off the area to make sure we don’t get the reglazing compound anywhere it doesn’t belong. This makes cleaning up after reglazing or refinishing virtually effortless.

Educate Cleaning Staff on Caring for Refinished Surfaces

The final step in upgrading your hotel or motel with refinishing is to make sure your cleaning staff knows how to care for the reglazed surfaces properly. Only non-abrasive cleaners should be used, and they should be sure to wipe the tub dry after cleaning in order to prevent mineral buildup or rust. Also, rings and other jewelry that might scratch the tub’s surface should not be worn while cleaning as this could lead to future peeling or staining.