Licensed and Bonded

Exterior Painting

Is cracked, peeling, faded, stained, or just plain ugly paint making your home or business look a bit worse for wear? This could be detracting from your property value or even costing you business in the case of a commercial property. Fortunately, you can restore your curb appeal quickly and easily by calling Pronto Refinish for exterior painting.

Why Choose Pronto Refinish

  • We’re licensed: Pronto Refinish is a licensed contractor in good standing with the California Contractors State License Board, which means you can trust us to provide professional painting and operate by high ethical standards.
  • We paint any material: Through years of experience, we understand the best approach to painting all kinds of exterior materials such as wood, concrete, stucco, and cinder block. We will make sure the surface is prepped properly and then covered with the correct type of paint for a neat, long-lasting paint job.
  • We have excellent crews: We have high standards for our painters. When you partner with us for your exterior painting, you can rest assured only skillful, reliable, and hard-working painters will be sent to your property.
  • We treat your property like our own: Pronto Refinish sincerely cares about your satisfaction. We will treat your property with a high level of care, protecting your trim, walkways, patios, etc. from splatters during work and cleaning up after ourselves once we’re finished painting.

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