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Residential Painting

Are you considering painting your home yourself?

Don’t do it!

Trying to do your own painting is time-consuming, messy, and ultimately not cost-effective. You will get better quality results with much less stress and hassle by trusting your interior or exterior residential painting to Pronto Refinish. We provide fast, affordable, and professional service.

3 Easy Steps to the Perfect Residential Paint Job

We Prep: Before we crack open the first can of paint, we carefully mask off trim and cover floors with drop cloths to make sure no drips, spills, or errant brush strokes can cause problems. We will also check to make sure the correct type of paint and/or primer has been selected for the job and the surface is properly prepared to accept the new paint.

We Paint: Painting may look easy, but it is actually a very special skill. Whether the job requires spraying or rolling on the paint, our experienced painters know exactly how to apply the paint quickly yet evenly to ensure the finished work looks perfect. We can paint interior or exterior walls and trim as well as ceilings with equal skill.

We Clean: Pronto Refinish never leaves a mess on your property. We will make sure all tape is removed and all empty paint cans and other trash is picked up before we leave your property.

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If you would like more information about working with Pronto Refinish on your next residential painting project, please contact us at 310-355-8543. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a free quote.