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Commercial Services

Refinishing kitchen and bath fixtures can have a dramatic impact on both the actual and perceived value of a home or business. Pronto Refinish takes pride in helping commercial clients update their properties to create value. We offer a full range of commercial refinishing services for tile, tubs, showers, sinks, and countertops.


An old hotel bathroom with chipped or rusty surfaces conveys an impression of uncleanliness and will generate tons of negative reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews. Since many hotel guests now consult these sites before booking a hotel, bad reviews can really hurt your business. While you probably can’t afford to completely gut and remodel your hotel’s bathrooms, refinishing offers a comparable result at as little as 20 percent of the cost. Your newly refinished surfaces will add value to your hotel, generate favorable consumer reviews, increase your rate of occupancy, and give you a competitive edge over other hotels in your area. So if you’re getting bad reviews about your bathrooms, ask yourself: Can you afford NOT to invest in refinishing?


Landlords have discovered that keeping their properties’ sinks, bathrooms, and counters in like-new condition results in fewer vacant units, higher rents, and happier tenants. Tenants can be hard on rental units, making some landlords reluctant to invest in complete fixture replacement. However, with resurfacing or refinishing, a like-new look can be achieved with a much smaller investment. Refinishing also offers landlords the opportunity to update tile and tub colors easily as home décor trends change, thus keeping their properties updated and desirable.

Real Estate Agents

Many sellers resist pouring more money into a home they’re about to sell. This is especially true in today’s market, when home values have dropped and many people find themselves with very little cash to spare on renovations. In the current buyer’s market, unloading a property with a grubby, outdated kitchen or bath is nearly impossible. Fortunately, refinishing services can transform that tired old kitchen or bath into a sparkling new room that adds value to the home and helps clinch the sale. Refinishing is inexpensive, quick, and convenient, all of which appeal to sellers!

General Contractors

General contractors can benefit from pairing with a refinishing company on projects like hospital, nursing home, office, and government building renovation projects. Our services allow contractors to stay within their budgets and offer their clients a beautiful, quality solution at a low price. Just about any sort of business can benefit from refinishing services. Businesses with public restroom facilities will enjoy an improved company image, as clients observe their sparkling new facilities. Even businesses with no public interface can benefit, as better facilities equal improved employee satisfaction.

Our Commercial Customers