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Tile Reglazing in Hollywood CA

Tile reglazing in Hollywood CA is the smart way to transform old, damaged tile surfaces

Are you unhappy with the appearance or condition of your tile? Getting brand new tile installed would be an expensive and messy project. Getting tile reglazing in Hollywood CA from Pronto Refinish will give you a result that is just as lovely, at a fraction of the cost.

At Pronto Refinish, we put all of our factory-certified technicians through rigorous in-house training to make sure they are fully qualified to provide the best quality tile reglazing in Hollywood CA for:

  • Walls
  • Tub surrounds
  • Shower stalls
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Bathroom floors

What Tile Reglazing in Hollywood CA Can Do for You

By investing in tile reglazing in Hollywood CA, you can:

• Cover Blemishes: Tile reglazing in Hollywood CA covers the existing tile with a fresh new finish. When an opaque finish is chosen, you can conceal stains, discoloration, and the patches over chips and cracks.

• Change Tile Color: With a variety of designer colors available, tile reglazing gives you the ability to replace dull or dated colors with exciting new shades.

• Seal Grout: Once your tile has been reglazed, the grout lines will be sealed and protected from mold and discoloration.

Our Expert Process for Tile Refinishing in Hollywood CA

After many years of experience in tile refinishing in Hollywood CA, Pronto Refinish knows all the insider tricks for delivering superior quality results. We treat your property with care and respect. We will remove any plumbing fittings and mask the entire area before beginning work to keep the refinishing products where they belong.

Before we begin the actual reglazing, we need to make sure the tile surface is smooth and watertight. This involves repairing chips and cracks and redoing the grout if needed. Then, we carefully prep the entire surface to ensure a good bond with the refinishing product, which will be applied as soon as the surface is completely dry. Once the refinishing compound has dried, you’ll have a beautiful new finish on your tile that will be just as durable for daily use as the original finish.

Get Peace of Mind with Our Guarantee

When done properly by professionals, tile refinishing will give your tile a fresh new finish that will look like new for years. You can trust Pronto Refinish to do quality work, because we back up our tile refinishing with a two-year warranty for private homes and a one-year warranty for rentals. As long as you follow our care instructions, we’ll fix any issues you have during the warranty period at no charge.

To learn more about tile reglazing or to request a quote for a project,Call us at 310-272-0829 today.