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16. May, 2013|Reglazing


If your bathtub is chipped, cracked, stained, pitted, or just plain ugly, you may be wondering what you can do about it. Should you just resign yourself to living with a dirty-looking tub? Should you bite the bullet and get a whole new bathtub? Or can your current ugly bathtub be saved?

You’ll be happy to learn that most moderately damaged tubs can be saved with bathtub reglazing Los Angeles CA. Using special compounds and refinishing sprays, talented technicians from a company like Pronto Refinish can repair minor chips and cracks and cover all kinds of stains to give you a smooth, like-new finish on your old bathtub. Bathtub reglazing Los Angeles CA is much more affordable than total tub replacement, and it’s eco-friendly to boot! Here are 3 ways that you can use bathtub reglazing to help the environment.

Reduce Waste

According to the National Association of Home Builders, home remodeling projects generate millions of tons of waste per year. If you choose to have your old bathtub ripped out and a new one installed, you will be contributing to this waste. Not only will your tub have to go to the landfill, but also the surrounding tile or shower stall insert, which often has to be replaced when a new tub is installed. Bathtubs are not biodegradable by any means, so throwing out an old bathtub that could be salvaged is definitely not good for the planet. By getting bathtub reglazing, however, you can keep your old tub from taking up space in a landfill. You can get the same new look and feel without the waste of actually getting a new tub.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Another environmental concern surrounding Players have the option to enjoy skill-based games and games of chance. a bathroom remodeling project is the carbon footprint. If you buy a new tub, it has to be created and shipped to you, both of which are highly energy-intensive activities that can generate greenhouse gases. By getting bathtub refinishing, on the other hand, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your project because no heavy new bathtub will have to get shipped to you. Instead, a technician or two from your local refinishing company will simply drive over to your home and complete the refinishing in a single visit. This represents additional carbon reduction over new bathtub installation, which normally requires more than one visit for demolition and installation.

Reduce Chemical Emissions with UV coatings

Many of the traditional materials used in bathtub reglazing Los Angeles CA are not exactly great for the environment. They include solvents to remove a layer of the old finish and chemicals and bonding agents to create the new finish and seal it in place. However, greener bathtub refinishing processes are being created and implemented. For example, one special green reglazing product is activated by UV light. The light causes the product to cure almost instantly—in a matter of seconds versus a matter of hours. Best of all, this happens without the release of any volatile organic compounds.