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17. June, 2013|Reglazing


As a realtor, you know that first impressions count. You need to do everything in your power to make sure every listing looks its best. After all, you want prospective buyers to fall in love with the property right away and be willing to pay anything for it. Expert reglazing from a company like Pronto Refinish can help you set the stage for a quick and profitable sale. Here’s why your clients should give it a shot.

Reglazing Helps Fixtures Look Clean

You’ve probably advised your clients to clear out the clutter and keep their property as clean as possible the entire time it’s on the market. This can be difficult to achieve without a professional cleaning service, which many clients are unwilling to pay for. Getting sinks and tubs reglazed can at least ensure that the bathrooms look fresh, clean, and appealing to prospective buyers. Reglazing can also correct cosmetic defects that make fixtures look dirty even when they’ve just been cleaned, like rust spots, stains, and scratches.

Reglazing Makes Homes Move-In Ready

Many prospective buyers are not looking for a property blackjack online that needs TLC. Instead, they are shopping for something they can move into immediately. They may be on a tight schedule or they may simply have zero interest in home remodeling. Either way, you can attract these buyers by making everything in the home look as perfect as possible. Reglazing can eliminate problems like chipped or cracked bathtubs, stained sinks, or outdated colors that buyers would not be willing to live with. You can even cover up stained or damaged tile backsplashes using reglazing compounds to create a fresh, like-new surface.

Reglazing Eliminates a Source of Price Haggling

Some homeowners justify not getting their home repainted or their tubs and sinks reglazed on the grounds that it’s better to let the new buyer handle these activities so they can get the exact look they want. While it’s true that buyers sometimes have very unique ideas about interior design, it is never a good idea to give them an excuse to haggle about the sale price of a property. If the bathtubs and sinks obviously need attention, prospective buyers might try to take thousands of dollars off the asking price in order to cover a complete bathroom remodel. Rather than potentially losing thousands, your clients can just spend a couple hundred dollars and get reglazing. This will make the fixtures look like new and deny buyers justification for price haggling.