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21. May, 2013|Reglazing


Any good realtor will tell you that prospective home buyers want to see clean, modern bathrooms and kitchens. If you’re trying to sell your home without updating these areas, you’ll probably have to knock a few thousand dollars off of the asking price in order to convince buyers to purchase the home and then do their own remodeling. But if you use reglazing to make a few simple changes to your kitchen and bathroom now, you can avoid taking a hit on the price of your home. Reglazing tubs, sinks, tile, and countertops is a very cost-effective way to give your kitchen or bathroom a facelift without spending thousands of dollars in the process.

Get a Like-New Look for Sinks and Tubs

Nobody likes a dated bathroom. A dirty-looking bathroom is ever worse. If you’ve scrubbed and scrubbed at your old sink or tub but simply can’t get it to look clean because of stains, pits, or cracks, you need to take action. Simply refinishing the sink or tub will online casino give you a clean and shiny new surface that looks every bit as good as a brand new fixture. Refinishing can add years to an old tub’s life, enabling your fixture to go well beyond the 20-year mark that is typically considered the age at which to replace bathroom fixtures.

Quick & Easy Kitchen Update

If your kitchen counters are scratched, scarred or stained, you can give them a fast and easy makeover with counter reglazing. This will also allow you to change the color of the countertops from a shade that may be dated to something timeless. We can even provide many designer colors if you’re interested in updating the color palette of your kitchen to something more trendy. According to Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen remodel in the LA area will recoup 91 percent of your investment when it comes time to sell.

Get Rid of Grout

Another important and valuable update you can accomplish with reglazing services is eliminating grout on tiled backsplashes and shower stalls. Scrubbing grout is a real pain, and if your grout becomes stained it can really have an impact on the perceived cleanliness and value of your home. Rather than getting expensive regrouting or retiling done, you can cover your existing tile and grout with a reglazing compound specifically designed for wet areas. This will give you a smooth, stain- and mold-resistant new surface that will add lots of value at a very reasonable price.